Pre-conference Workshops

8th International Conference of Laboratory Animal Scientists’ Association (LASA), India
“Recent Advances in 3R’s and Laboratory Animal Science”
25th – 26th November 2017, Delhi


24th November 2017

“ Experimental Design ”

by NC3Rs, UK

“ Hygiene in Laboratory Animal Facilities ”

by Tecniplast, Italy


CSIR- Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (South Campus)

Opposite to Sukhdev Vihar Bus Depot

Mathura Road, New Delhi – 110025


Experimental Design Workshop

24 November 2017 (Forenoon)
Venue : CSIR –IGIB, Mathura Road, Delhi
The NC3Rs is hosting a 4-hour pre-conference workshop on experimental design, including presentations, interactive exercises and demonstrations.

Recent years have seen growing concern about the reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research using animals. Poor quality experimental design, analysis and reporting have been identified as contributing factors.

The UK’s National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) has led the development of free resources to support researchers to improve the design, analysis and reporting of animal experiments:

The ARRIVE Guidelines ( consist of a 20 item checklist summarising the minimum information necessary to describe in vivo studies comprehensively and transparently. The guidelines, which have been endorsed by over 1,000 journals internationally, help to maximise the output of animal research and to minimise unnecessary studies.

The Experimental Design Assistant (EDA; is a web application with a supporting website, which helps researchers design robust animal experiments by increasing the transparency of the experimental plan and providing feedback to improve it. Features of the EDA include:

▪ A computer-aided design tool, to develop a visual representation of your experimental plan

▪ Critical feedback on your experimental plan, using computer-based logical reasoning

▪ Suggestions for appropriate statistical analysis

▪ Sample size calculators

▪ Generation of a randomised sequence for allocation of animals to treatment groups

▪ Support for allocation concealment and blinding

The CAMARADES-NC3Rs Systematic Review Facility (SyRF; is a free-to-use online platform for researchers to perform systematic review and meta-analysis of animal studies. The platform provides guidance for the entire process and allows some of the tasks to be automated, using data mining and machine learning.

You should come to the workshop to :

▪ Learn more about current issues with the design, analysis and reporting of animal experiments

▪ Refresh your knowledge of the key elements of experimental design and how to report them in publications

▪ Gather information about the NC3Rs experimental design resources

▪ Watch a live demonstration of the EDA

▪ Have your questions answered by the NC3Rs team


Hygiene in Laboratory Animal Facilities

24 November 2017 (Forenoon)
Venue : CSIR –IGIB, Mathura Road, Delhi

A good hygiene status is imperative to high quality husbandry. It is pre-requisite to minimize the introduction and spread of infectious diseases to ensure that pathogenic or opportunistic micro-organisms are not introduced in to Specific Pathogen Free or immune-compromised animals or those experimental biologic hazards are completely destroyed.

The organizers of LASACON 2017, Tecniplast, Italy in association with Samitek Instruments would like to share the vast knowledge of this unexplored subject by holding a 4 Hours workshop on “Hygiene in Laboratory Animal Facilities”. The speakers of the workshop have expertise in the area of Disinfection, Sterilization and Washing Solutions and are from Dr. Weigert’s Group, Germany, 3M Group, Germany, IWT, Italy and Tecniplast, Italy. They will be speaking on critical topics like

• Need for validated cage sanitizing processes

• Damages on cages surface and corrosion – causes and prevention

• How to decontaminate IVCs and LAF equipment by using Decon Technology

• Sterilization – Basics for animal facilities